Alaska Guided Hunts

with Art Andreis

Master Guide

Moose Hunting:

Trophy Size Monster Moose


No mightier member of the deer family is known than this hardy giant of the north,the irrepressible bull-moose. Because of their ability to withstand the toughest of winter and the toughest of snows they will always be one of the top big-game trophies of North America.


Trophy sized antlers usually appear after the eighth year with moose living from 14-16 years. Bull moose make seasonal movements to wintering ground and for rutting.Our hunts are in September, during the rut, when the big-bulls are traveling, looking for cows. Our camps are located in travel-routes, drainages the bulls use every year, looking for cows. We hunt in Unit 20-E where many huge-bulls thrive.


The new #1 bull with a score of over 260 B & C points was taken near our camp. In our guide area we take bulls over 50" antler spread or 4 or more brow-tines. We look for mature bulls with at least 5' of antler spread coupled with heavy-beams and big brow-palms,with the most brow-tines possible. We've taken bulls from 56' to 74" with an overall average of 60".


Hunting Camp:

Private Lease


My camp is very remote, located about 70 air-miles from Tok, Alaska. This camp is on private ground I lease from the State of Alaska. One of these leases is a private airstrip which gives me control over access. We have never seen another hunter, guided or resident in 20-years at this camp location. From the base-camp we range out in all directions, utilizing spike-camps in order to access all the drainages bull-moose travel during the rut.