Alaska Guided Hunts

with Art Andreis

Master Guide

Interior Of Alaska:

Trophy Grizzly Hunts

Grizzly camp is located in the very heart of Unit-20E, which is one of the few areas in Alaska where you can take a Grizzly every year. We have a remote, private camp and airstrip which we lease from the State. Our spring hunts coincide with the Moose & Caribou calving seasons which draws in the bears. Fall hunts commence in mid to late August when the berries are rich, on thru September in conjunction with our Trophy Moose/Caribou hunts. It is not unusual to see up to 20 bears on any given hunt.


The bears are well colored, males usually much darker with Silvertip markings and the sows are usually much lighter and tend to run smaller. We are running an overall average of 7-feet on these bears. Dark males up to 8-1/2 feet have been taken at my camp.

Alaska Peninsula:

Kodiak Brown Bear Expeditions


These hunts are conducted on remote lands on both Kodiak Island and the Alaska Peninsula. All Kodiak hunts are on a limited "Drawing-Hunt-Permit". I will put your name in for the permits in December for the following Spring hunts, and the following May for Fall hunts. The application process is identical to the one for my Dall Sheep hunts. (Please see Sheep-Draw info.) My Alaska Peninsula hunts are conducted on State lands and some private Native owned lands, on which, I have a contract to operate from the land owner. On both Kodiak, and the Alaska Peninsula, we are looking for large boars only. Physical conditioning is very important, as this is a true backpack hunt in rugged terrain. We concentrate on taking mature, large boars, with an occasional sow in the mix. Remember, anywhere you hunt on the Alaska Peninsula/Kodiak Island may produce a ten-foot bear.