Alaska Guided Hunts

with Art Andreis

Master Guide

Alaska Law

Important Hunting Laws


Any Alien or Foreigner to the U.S.A., is required by law to be accompanied by a qualified, licensed Alaskan Guide when hunting any Big Game Animal in Alaska.


A Non-Resident American Citizen must have a qualified Guide when hunting for Brown/Grizzly bear and Dall-Sheep or Goat.


It is unlawful to guarantee that a client will take or collect a given number of animals on a hunt.


Alaska laws prohibit a hunter from taking a Big Game Animal the same day they were airborne.


All edible meat from Big Game Animals; (especially Moose and Caribou) must be salvaged and transported to camp or pick-up site before horns or antlers are brought back from the kill site.

A hunter can take only one Brown/Grizzly bear every four years except in a few units.

Equipment List

Be Prepared


You will receive a recommended equipment list from me once you've booked the hunt of your choice. The two most important pieces of equipment are your rain-gear and foot-gear. Three-quarter length or two-piece strong, lite nylon are the best rain-gear. Hip-boots are usually a necessity, the only kind to buy are the ankle-fitting-type and should be new. Any leather or synthetic fiber boots must be broken in prior to coming to camp.

Preparation is the Key to

Success in the "Wilds of Alaska."