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A Word from Art Andreis, Owner of A&L Outdoor Enterprises.


I want to share a few thoughts about what you can expect in your hunting experience with A&L Outdoor Enterprises. As owner of A&L Outdoor Enterprises I consider myself your personal Guide and Host. As such, I strive for each of our clients to experience the hunt of a lifetime. My company Motto is: Preparation is the KEY to success in the "Wilds Of Alaska". I consider it my responsibility to Masterguide Art Andreis with his wife Lou.Married for 40-years & they continue to work together in everything they do.sweat the "Details" in your behalf from the moment you arrive until your departure, so your hunt will be the very best it can be.


While other companies may consist of a loose consortium of independent guides who may have widely different hunting philosophies, we at A&L have resisted the temptation to farm out work and have kept it a "Family Operation" with my wife cooking and overseeing the main camp day to day operations, while myself and my two sons serve as the primary guides during our Alaskan hunting seasons.


I first began my business with very little equipment and only a few clients. Since those early days 35 years ago our business has grown and expanded. So that today we service customers from virtually every State of the Union, Europe, and Australia.


Over the years I have seen many changing attitudes on hunting in general. With this thought in mind, I want to discuss for a few moments the ways we all can help to preserve our rights to keep on hunting. Ethical hunting is essential in this day, when our hunting rights are under constant attack by the Media, Hollywood, and the Anti-Hunting Lobby. Because few of us if any, hunt for survival, (In Alaska, that is called subsistence hunting) we need to be all the more diligent in our responsibilities as hunters not to over-hunt and not to leave wounded animals out in the field. As modern hunters we also need to work together to not only insure the survival or any given species, but see to it that those species thrive and maintain a good gene pool so that the coming generation of hunters will have an abundance of healthy animals.


Therefore, we at A&L give support to those organizations that enhance wildlife, and coupled with the taxes and fees that we pay for permits, licenses, and for land use a significant portion of every hunt done with us is returned to help fund the conservation of our Alaskan hunting. Ethical hunting not only includes the ability to take game as cleanly as possible, but also helps to insure the rights for future generations of hunters as well.


— Art Andreis

Master & Class-A-Guides

When I need guides, I use my son, Gabe first, then David as they are highly trained and best qualified to care for clients needs. If I Contract with other guides, they are guides I’ve used before and worked for me over the years.