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Master Guide: Art Andreis

You, the client, need to know enough about me to be confident in my ability to provide you the kind of hunt you want. You're interested in my reputation and the consistency of my operation. Realistically, not every past client of mine will express 100% satisfaction. Generally, the best indicators of a well-run outfit are long-term trends of general happiness with the game taken and the experience itself.


Your host, Master Guide Art Andreis, has been hunting Alaska for 35 years. As I am licensed to Guide/Outfit in units 8, 9, 12, 20, 25, 26 & 27. I can arrange for most any type of hunt you want. I have all the licenses, land-use-permits, leases and insurances required to access many different lands. I, personally assure you we use the very best equipment suited for your hunt.


Highly Experienced Guides

When I need guides, I first use my son, Gabe and then I use my guide, David. Gabe has 20 years guiding for me and David has 15 years. Both Gabe and David are Class-A-Guides, meaning they can run a camp for me and they can Supervise Assistant-guides. At my main camp in Tok, Alaska my wife Lou is in charge of the cooking and the general camp chores while I fly and guide. If I contract with others, they are always guides whom have worked with me for many years.


I insist on integrity and maximum effort to be expended on your behalf to insure success. Myself and all my guides are properly licensed, current in First-Aid, CPR and are prepared for emergency situations. What you would be buying from me is dedication and experience. One thing you can count on is that we "intend for you to be successful."

Art Andreis

Preparation is the Key to

Success in the "Wilds of Alaska."

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